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Rev Up Your Sex Life with Vaginal Revitalization

If you’ve noticed that your vagina has changed with increasing age, you’re not alone. While age-related changes are common, they often go unaddressed due to a lack of information or even embarrassment. However, there’s nothing shameful about the condition, and your sexual health and intimate life are important. 

These changes, known as vaginal atrophy, can cause painful sex, urine leaks, stress, self-consciousness, and relationship challenges if untreated. And opening up about vaginal atrophy is an important first step in cultivating relief. 

If you’re bothered by vaginal changes after multiple births or menopause, we can help. Dr. Rachel Spieldoch and our team at McDowell Mountain Gynecology in Scottsdale, Arizona, customize nonsurgical treatments to revitalize vaginal tissues.

Here’s a closer look at vaginal atrophy, including ways our minimally invasive treatments can help.

Understanding vaginal atrophy

Because of factors like the decline in estrogen accompanying menopause, the delicate tissues of your vaginal walls grow thin, dry, and brittle. Your body also produces less skin-supporting collagen and elastin after middle age, which can exacerbate those issues. Collectively, these symptoms are known as vaginal atrophy – a common part of the aging process.

If vaginal atrophy goes unaddressed, the tissue can become quite tender and irritated, fueling various challenges. 

Vaginal atrophy and the bedroom

The effects of vagina atrophy can influence numerous areas of your life, including your sex life. As your vaginal tissues grow thinner and dryer, you might notice:

These issues can make sex less comfortable, unappealing, or downright unbearable. Knowing that intercourse worsens pain or itchiness, for example, can tank your libido. And while UTIs are easily treatable, especially early on, the pain and frequent urination they bring isn’t exactly a turn-on.

Vaginal atrophy treatments

Your ideal vaginal atrophy treatment depends on factors like the type and severity of your symptoms. In some cases, vaginal moisturizers and lubricants do the trick. In other cases, correcting an estrogen imbalance through hormone replacement therapy suffices.

At McDowell Mountain Gynecology, we also offer:

These nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments take place in our office.

If you’re experiencing sexual discomfort due to functional or cosmetic concerns in your vaginal region, you may be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Our team specializes in minimally invasive labiaplasty techniques to reshape the lips of your vagina for improved size or symmetry. We can also remove excess tissue that may interfere with sex or other activities.

Once you’ve had effective treatment for vaginal atrophy, you can expect a range of benefits, including improved sexual desire and more pleasurable sex.

To learn more about vaginal revitalization options or get started with the care you desire, call McDowell Mountain Gynecology or book online by requesting an appointment through our website.

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