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Do you feel self-conscious about the way your labia look and feel?
Do your labia ever interfere with activities and sex?
Do your labia ever cause you discomfort or get in the way?
Does the appearance of your genital area negatively affect your self-esteem?


AVIVA can help you!

AVIVA is a life changing minimally invasive in-office procedure for women who do not feel confident or are unhappy with how their genital area looks and feels. Dr. Rachel Spieldoch is proud to be the first doctor in Arizona to offer top-of-the-line AVIVA for her patients!

The most common reasons for searching treatment options for the labia area are appearance and discomfort. Many women complain of irritation when wearing tight clothing, having sexual relations, and exercising. Additionally, some women feel they cannot confidently wear exercise pants or a bathing suit because the genitals are visible. Many women are born with enlarged labia or asymmetry, while others develop undesirable appearances of the labia and genitals after childbirth. Traditional treatments involve surgical cutting of excess tissues which can result in stitches, a longer recovery, and pain. Not only does the AVIVA have a significantly reduced recovery time, but it only uses local anesthesia, and there are NO STITCHES OR CUTTING!

The AVIVA is the most advanced treatment for the genital area and is offered by Dr. Spieldoch and her staff at McDowell Mountain Gynecology. It is a safe and FDA approved technology. This simple procedure can empower women with the self-confidence and comfort they desire for their genital appearance and feel!


How does AVIVA work and how is it different?

AVIVA uses RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lypolysis) to resolve some of the previous known shortcomings associated with traditional surgical labiaplasty. The device allows for precise delivery of energy to tighten skin layers and remove unwanted bulky tissue in an evenly distributed fashion; eliminating scars, tissue cutting and long recoveries. This safe and revolutionary procedure is literally changing women’s outlook on feminine health and improving overall appearance!

AVIVA is the first non-surgical solution available that can effectively and dramatically reduce the size of the labia and surrounding tissues.

he AVIVA permanently removes excess tissue and unwanted thickness by using a small injection site, medical precision by Dr. Rachel Spieldoch, and radio-frequency technology. The results can be seen instantly and provide permanent results, with most patients back at work within 1-2 days. After the initial treatment, patients continue to see improvements over the next couple months and up to 12 weeks.

Are there any risks? Because AVIVA does not involve cutting, there are minimal risks. Most patients experience mild discomfort or minor bruising for the first couple days after treatment. However, there are almost NO RISKS of lingering pain or irritation, bleeding, scarring or decreased sensitivity that can potentially occur after surgical labiaplasty.

AVIVA can be used with other amazing treatments to provide the most benefit and lasting results. It is most frequently used with MORPHEUS skin resurfacing and PRP (platelet rich plasma) to optimize patient results and satisfaction.

What are you waiting for?

If you have questions or would like to discuss treatments in more detail, please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr. Rachel Spieldoch at SheShe Renew Medspa!

We realize discussing the genital area and labia can be a sensitive topic. Our office provides a confidential and comfortable environment for patients. We would love to hear from you and help with your feminine health and wellness!

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