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Patient Feedback


I am extremely honored to write this letter to recognize an outstanding person and highly-skilled doctor, Dr. Rachel Spieldoch. 

I was referred to McDowell Mountain Gynecology by my Urologist. My first appointment was with Dr. Hartzfeld, who thoroughly reviewed my CAT scan from the Urologist. She ordered bloodwork and a pelvic MRI. lt was determined from those results that I needed immediate surgery and it would be performed by Dr. Spieldoch. Although there was a pandemic at the time, and all non-essential surgeries were canceled, Dr. Spieldoch risked it all to perform my surgery. My surgery was successful. 


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Congratulations to my wonderful Dr. Spieldoch and staff! I had a complete hysterectomy and because of her expertise and care, I went home the same day and no pain medicine was necessary. She was amazing and I will always recommend her!

Mary Lynn M.


I have been a patient of Dr. Spieldoch for several years now. She is a compassionate, caring, dedicated and highly intelligent physician. I greatly respect and recommend Dr. Spieldoch and McDowell Mountain Gynecology. MMG provides personalized care with prompt service.

Thank you for being such a wonderful physician Dr. Spieldoch!



Dr. Spieldoch is very thorough and highly regarded in her field. She treats the entire patient. She includes the patient as an active participant in their own care. She is not arrogant. After carefully explaining the treatment options, she asks “What do you think?” She appreciates the mind-body connection and knows the two cannot be separated. This, combined with the fact that she is a caring human being, allows for the best treatment possible. The great care that my physician provides is matched by her equally caring and efficient staff.

Kim drew blood from me for the pre-op. She has a good personality and is skilled in many ways. Your clinic is inviting, comfortable, attractively decorated and clean.

I will share what I have written with Dr. Arnecke. Last May 2017, she said to me that Dr. Spieldoch is very good and she is correct.

I add that Dr. Spieldoch relates to husbands and families well. My husband felt comfortable enough with her so that he thought it would be okay to break down and cry as she told him I got through the procedure well. I like how Dr. Spieldoch introduced me to the anesthesiologist and her co-worker before they rolled me into the ER.



My experience with Dr. Spieldoch has been impeccable. From my first visit and all subsequent visits, her attention to detail is amazing and she is very personable. Monica and the rest of the office staff are equally as wonderful. They are thorough and very professional. I will refer anyone who needs such great care!

Barbara K


I work in the same field as you all! Everyone here is awesome and professional; from the front office to the MA (Savannah), and of course Kim (Sonora Qwest) is always sweet and good. But #1 is Dr. Hartzfeld. She was great the first time meeting her and a super nice lady! She’s a keeper!!

Carol M


I have been coming to McDowell Mountain Gynecology for several years now. Dr. Spieldoch is very friendly and has an excellent bedside manner. Her staff is very professional and friendly. Going there makes me feel important and cared for. I recommend this office to anyone.

Carolyn O.


Dr. Spieldoch performed a single incision hysterectomy in January 2015 and did an excellent job! The recovery was quick and there was no scarring or complications. I highly recommend Dr. Spieldoch! She is very knowledgeable, caring and spends that extra time to listen to your concerns. Thank you!

Christi P.


My experience with McDowell Mountain Gynecology was wonderful. The entire staff was amazing to me and my family. Liz was especially helpful and wonderfully kind. The entire staff was patient and explained things to me in a way that I could easily understand. IO would definitely recommend McDowell Mountain Gynecology to family and friends.

Christina F


Thanks to Dr. Spieldoch, she changed my life! Instead of running to the restroom, I can enjoy shopping and sleeping through the night. A hysterectomy was the right choice for me!



This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Dr Spieldoch and her staff are fabulous.

Debbie H.


Dr. Spieldoch and her office staff (Liz) have helped me obtaining a prescribed injection. I had many problems trying to get it covered by Medicare. They sent all of the documentation to the correct place and made several phone calls to help me out. They were able to find a place that would give the injection that I required. I had made numerous phone conversations with Medicare with no other options. The injection would have been very expensive. They were wonderful to help me. I have gone to Dr. Spieldoch for many years and have been so happy with her professionalism and accommodating my specific needs. She and her staff truly care about their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Spieldoch because she is a wonderful doctor and has compassion for her patients.

Debra L


Jackie, NP is quite a fabulous professional. Her attitude is great for the patient. Her gentle manner with her knowledge makes her a great asset to this practice. Thank you for employing her. She is a welcome asset.

Diane G.


My yearly check up was done today with Shilo and MA Savannah. Both were extremely attentive to me and reassuring. I found them very professional.

Donna G


Jackie and the entire office staff were very kind and welcoming. I felt very comfortable in such a caring environment!

Dylana Y.


Dr. Spieldoch is AMAZING!! Her expertise with the DaVinci Robot is evident with my total hysterectomy surgery and recovery. I am having an incredible recovery absent of any pain or discomfort.

Her pre and post-op instructions and expectations are on the mark. All that I was informed/explained was 100% accurate. No guessing needed. I actually have to remind myself that I just had surgery in order to slow myself down. After all, as per Dr. Spieldoch, my body does need to heal!

I just can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Spieldoch and her surgical and office teams are. My whole experience, which started off with much fear and apprehension lessened along the way until there was nothing but relief, appreciation and happiness! Thank you Dr. Spieldoch!



I am pleased to have an opportunity to share why I think Dr. Spieldoch is wonderful!

On my first visit to see her I mentioned a subtle, new minor abnormality. She listened, examined, and ordered appropriate thorough testing. She found early cancer and removed it surgically before it spread.

Here are the top ten reasons I have chosen Dr. Spieldoch to be my doctor:


  • is wonderful
  • is a good listener
  • is very thorough
  • explains the process
  • found my cancer early
  • expertly surgically removed the cancer with the DaVinci Robotics (no chemo needed)
  • relates
  • understands
  • is efficient
  • cares
  • is compassionate
  • is positive
  • is pleasant
  • has excellent, polite staff

Oops..that’s fourteen. You get the idea.



I knew right away that Dr. Spieldoch was going to make everything better! Her humanity and medical expertise allowed me to feel safe and to sail through my hysterectomy and recovery. She gave me a whole new lease on life and i will be forever grateful and remain her patient.

Elaine P


My experience with Dr. Spieldoch and all of the staff at McDowell Mountain Gynecology and Milky Way Anesthesia has been superb! A potentially traumatic experience became very gentle and positive. I wholeheartedly recommend both Dr. Spieldoch of MMG and Dr. Blaha of MWA.

Emily R


THE VERY BEST! I had seen Dr. Spieldoch several years back, but then we moved away. When we moved back to Arizona, I could not remember Dr. Spieldoch’s name so I spent a few years seeing other GYNs withoiut satisfaction and my medical issues were never resolved. Frustrated, I literally began driving the streets looking for her until one day, I found her. Dr. Spieldoch is THE BEST! She truly cares. I would drive from one side of Phoenix to the other just to see her!!

Emily R


Dr. Spieldoch and her entire staff have made me more comfortable than any practice before! Dr. Spieldoch was empathetic, listened to my issue and offered several options! I highly recommend McDowell Mountain Gynecology and am so grateful that I found them!

P.S. Fabulous portal, communication and appointment reminders!

Geri R


Your front desk, Samantha is so upbeat! Positive! Every time I call the office, she is sweet and kind. She makes the office look great! Keely is so nice and sweet. Kim is always so sweet and positive!

Gorgona B


I’m so glad I gave Dr. Hartzfeld at McDowell Mountain Gynecology a try. I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, but reached a stall in my treatment. The pain and symptoms were altering life daily. The worst part though was that my previous doctor seemed no longer willing to discuss my symptoms and treatment. It felt very much like; “Well, you have endometriosis, what do you expect?” My requests for hormone treatment and other options were rejected. Eventually, she even stopped returning my calls.

That’s when I switched to Dr. Hartzfeld. She spent over an hour with me the first visit listening to my experiences and diagnosis. She truly cared and never dismissed any of my concerns or beliefs. We brainstormed different treatment options and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel as trapped by my diagnosis.

I know endometriosis has no cure. I will be in treatment for the rest of my life and my journey is far from over. So it’s doctors like Dr Hartzfeld who dedicate time and care to you that really stand out. I felt like my treatment was a discussion again and I had more control.

I am pleased to share that after Dr Hartzfeld made some suggestions and altered some medication, my daily symptoms have subsided enough not to impact my daily life as drastically as it once was. Trust me, from the perspective from a person that had dealt with endometriosis, that is a huge win. I am extremely grateful for Dr Hartzfeld’s expert care and time. I plan to be her patient for a long while and owe her many thanks. It’s worth noting, my partner loves her too and says we owe Dr. Hartzfeld fresh baked cookies every time I go in for an appointment!

Jaryn H


Dear Dr. Spieldoch,

Jeff & I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get through our conception/miscarriage stumbling blocks & giving us the solution to create our little miracle, Owen! We have never known such love & owe you so much for your expertise! I can’t say enough about you & your staff – When I came in your team was so uplifting & positive even when I had tears of sadness! Now we have tears of happiness! Please share with them how appreciative I am for all of you!

Our Sincerest thanks,

Jeff, Cheryl & Owen


Dr. Spieldoch is fantastic! She makes you feel so comfortable and she really listens to you. Her staff is sweet and friendly which is an added bonus. I highly recommend Dr. Spieldoch.

Jennifer C


McDowell Mountain Gynecology is incredibly lucky to have added such an amazing doctor to their practice. Dr Hartzfeld has been my OB/GYN for many years. I am so excited to be following her to this new practice. Since the first time I called McDowell Mountain Gynecology, I was and have continuously been treated with such respect and professionalism. I am happy to be taken care of by such a wonderful team.

Jennifer E.


Dr Spieldoch! In 8 years this brilliant woman has grown into the most wonderful, well versed, compassionate person I have met in a long time. She totally rocks!

Judee S


I was SO pleased with the Morpheus8 and the PRP procedures I had done and have been quite happy with the results! Dr Spieldoch and her staff were professional, kind and thoughtful. Plus, I had no down time!

Judy M.


To say it simply…I love Dr. Spieldoch! I feel so fortunate to have found a brilliant physician with a wonderful “bedside manner” – which can be a rarity. I trust her with all of my gynecological needs, whether it’s my yearly exam, an unexpected issue, or my bioidentical pellets. She has found my perfect combination of pellets. I feel terrific!

I’ve recommended Dr. Spieldoch to all of my friends. I know that I speak for all of us when I say we are so grateful to have her by our side.



Shilo was very pleasant and kind. She was a great listener and put me at ease. She is a great addition to the team.

Karie S


Dr. Spieldoch and her team were the best! My hysterectomy was super easy and everyone was very supportive!



Everyone at this office provides the highest quality of care. They are kind and welcoming and put any new patient at ease. Everyone is extraordinarily helpful and courteous on the phone and in person. I have yet to visit another medical office that matches this one or is run as efficiently. The special staff have given me hope and happiness even when dealing with difficult medical situations. Dr. Spieldoch never makes me feel rushed. She is knowledgeable and respectful and has an amazing way with people and her medical expertise gives me confidence that I am in good hands. Liz always makes me smile! Keely and the entire staff, as well as the phlebotomist, Kimmie are amazing and it is noticed and appreciated. You all make a very difficult time so much more manageable, just by being your lovely selves. Thank you!

Katie P


Savannah and Dr. Hartzfeld are the reason I keep coming back to this office. The experience at my appointments are so comfortable, I no longer dread my annuals. I trust these amazing women so much that I bring my two young nieces here for their Women’s Health needs. I highly recommend this team to any woman. The office staff is efficient and they never keep you waiting in the lobby or in the patient rooms. We love Savannah and Dr. Hartzfeld! Samantha in the front is great too.

Kim C


Rachel Spieldoch is an awesome doctor! I see her regularly and she performed my hysterectomy. Ten days ago, I was in the ER with a burst ovarian cyst that was causing internal bleeding. It was 1 o’clock am and Rachel came in to do my surgery! I never expected that level of dedication to her patients. She is always straight-forward, encouraging and helpful and makes her patients feel like her friends that she cares for. I am grateful.

Kristi K.


I had an excellent experience at McDowell Mountain Gynecology today – from the receptionist to the nurse, phlebotomist, admin staff and of course, the doctor. Everyone was upbeat, kind and considerate.

Lauren W


Dr. Spieldoch and her entire staff are extremely professional. I am more than pleased with all of her recommendations. I recovered very quickly from my minimally invasive hysterectomy. After the hysterectomy, I was experiencing menopausal symptoms. I wanted to try a non-prescription route in handling my symptoms. Dr. Spieldoch’s suggestion of alternative methods really helped me, and I am very grateful for all of her help.



Dr. Spieldoch performed an endometrial ablation and urethral sling. I have been dealing with leakage of urine for far too long when I sneeze, cough, or laugh. On one occasion, while travelling with friends, I could not stop the flow which was embarrassing. After seeing Dr. Spieldoch, I quickly felt comfortable and confident in her quality of care. I knew that Dr. Spieldoch would be the perfect doctor to perform the surgery. She has a reputation for being meticulous. The surgery went smoothly. The care I received a the hospital was attentive and personable. After surgery I had very mild discomfort, overall not difficult. I would not hesitate recommending Dr. Spieldoch to anyone. She did a great job and I am very grateful. Thank you Dr. Spieldoch.

Lisa B.


The care that was given to me was amazing; caring, loving Dr Spieldoch of course was amazing in explaining everything to me.
Thank you!

Lucille D.


Thank you, Dr. Spieldoch for holding my hand through my labia reduction surgery (labiaplasty) performed recently. I cannot thank you enough on taking such good care of me and I am so thrilled with the final results! I have lived uncomfortably with not only the cosmetic look of very large labia, but also the issues with having an active life and the discomfort caused with this condition when hiking, spin class, bike riding and other athletics.

My confidence physically is greatly improved. It is a personal decision – for me, I feel much more feminine with my new look! Additionally I no longer have discomfort involved in athletic activities.

You are truly such a skilled surgeon and so personable. Your staff is kind, professional and skilled as well.

I highly recommend you and your team to others who seek to have labiaplasty (or other surgical procedures) as well as general gynecology care!





I don’t know how to properly thank Dr. Spieldoch for saving my life by removing three large fibroid tumors. Because she took the time to ensure everything went well and that my healing process was smooth we were ready to start fertility treatments right away. Well it turned out that fertility treatments were not needed as we were able to get pregnant the old fashioned way. Our daughter was born in July. She is smart, healthy and beautiful! Thank you for everything, Dr. Spieldoch!



What a pleasant surprise! My hysterectomy was two weeks ago by Dr. Spieldoch. I had a short hospital stay, very little pain, a quick recovery, and no scars. It’s really much easier than I feared. I never should have put it off! Thank you, thank you!

Margaret W.


I am more than pleased with the results of my laparoscopic hysterectomy! I have been surprised and amazed that I have had no pain of any kind since the surgery! Dr. Spieldoch is truly a miracle worker! I cannot thank her enough! I would recommend her very, very highly!

Marilee P.


I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have been in the hands of Dr. Rachel Spieldoch. I’ve come to her for years with “lady” problems and she’s always been so warm, yet professional. Her knowledge and expertise are the reason I’ve always trusted her. She’s always helped me. Yet again, she was amazing with my recent laparascopic hysterectomy. The recovery has been fabulous. I feel so good.

Thank you, Thank you Dr. Spieldoch!



The first thing I noticed about Dr. Rachel Spieldoch was that she was very confident. She made it clear my medical issue was a very common one and would be an “easy fix”. She mentioned that she had done the exact surgery many times and mine was not as progressive as what she had seen before. In short, her confidence gave me confidence that she was the right doctor for the job.

Throughout the next few visits, she was very thorough and spent as much time as needed explaining the surgery to me over and over again. Once I had decided to have the surgery, she included an ultrasound test so we could both make sure there were not any other issues that needed to be addressed during this already scheduled surgery. In fact, she even took the extra precaution to perform a biopsy on an area the ultrasound showed to be in question. Again, I felt confident she was covering all the bases.

Dr. Spieldoch’s staff is very nice and accommodating. Everyone I came into contact with, from the reception desk to the accountant showed me great respect and consideration. All were very helpful and spent as much time as needed to answer all of my questions. I found the office environment to be very pleasant and helpful.

The surgery was a success and I found I had all of the information I needed for post-op issues and questions. At one point, I asked a question on the website and very shortly thereafter I had a call from her office with the answer. My post-op appointment was very informative as well and Dr. Spieldoch explained to me exactly what type of exercises were approved for the 6 week recuperation time period.

I really feel lucky that the doctor that was recommended to me was exactly who I was looking for. I know I will recommend her to all of my friends. I entend to keep her as my doctor going forward due to the fact that I feel is knowledgeable and keeps up to date on the latest medications, procedures and female issues.

Thank you, Dr. Spieldoch! You’re the Best!!

Mary G.


I am writing to let you know I am delighted with the results of my Morpheus8 procedure! My skin is noticeably smoother; my lines appear to be reduced significantly. Dark circles have disappeared. The skin on my neck and the area around my mouth and forehead are much improved. I had the procedure a few weeks ago and I am still seeing improvements.

A numbing cream was used beforehand and I experienced minimal discomfort during the procedure. I am feeling more confident and would definitely do this again in the future. Thank you Dr. Spieldoch!

Mary S.


Over the holidays, none of my friends or family could believe I’d just had surgery because I was doing so well. I told them the only reason for that is because I had a seriously amazing, talented doctor. Thank you for the tremendous job you did and how well you took care of me, with the surgery and all of this last year. I may not have been meant to have another child, but if I was going to need my uterus out 35, I’m so glad it was with you.
With Sincere Gratitude:

Monica M


I have been under the expert care of Dr. Spieldoch for the last seven years since moving to Arizona. I recently underwent surgery and I am so pleased to report that all went very well. Dr. Spieldoch is an expert surgeon, diagnostician and, most of all, a caring and compassionate physician. I recommend her without any reservation.

Myra H


My labial reduction surgery with Dr. Spieldoch was one of my better decisions. Knowing I look and feel good “all over” has boosted my self-esteem and sexual confidence!



I want to compliment Dr. Spieldoch and her staff on how pleasant, respectful and considerate they are always, every day and no matter what the situation is.



I have been coming to McDowell Mountain Gynecology for 13 years and I have not one complaint. I have always been treated extremely well with ultimate respect and kindness. McDowell Mountain Gynecology and Dr. Spieldoch have been absolutely wonderful and I have always felt that I have received the best care possible!

Pam M


Without question, my experience from the beginning has been an environment of the highest quality of care and concern by Dr. Spieldoch and her staff. I would highly recommend treatment at McDowell Mountain Gynecology. My surgery by Dr. Spieldoch was made more pleasant for me by the pre and post care given.

Pamela K


The Votiva treatment has made intimate relations much more comfortable and enjoyable!

Pat R.


McDowell Mountain Gynecology is the most organized and proficient doctor’s office I have ever been to. I have been dealing with gynecological problems for 16 years and had been to many different doctors. I finally visited with Dr. Spieldoch and after my first visit, she had a plan of action. Monica, the surgery scheduler assisted with getting this plan into action. After all was said and done, I have never felt better. I wish I would have found McDowell Mountain Gynecology years ago! Thank you to all of the staff, including Keely, the Office Manager who puts care at ease. This is the most proactive, professional, thoughtful and caring doctor’s office I have ever been to. Thank you for giving me my life back! I am forever grateful!

Renee B.


I would like to thank the staff and Dr. Spieldoch for doing such a wonderful job. The ladies in the office are squared away and thorough. Thank you for all your time and patience. Keep up the good work. Stay motivated! May God continue to Bless and keep you all!



Hearing that you need to have a hysterectomy can be scary. You hear stories from your friends about their experiences and it only heightens your anxiety level. You wonder how long will it take to recuperate? How much work will I miss? When will I feel like myself again? Will the surgery put me in menopause? What will my sex life be like after surgery? How bad will the scarring be? What’s covered by my insurance? It can be overwhelming! That is, unless you deal with a compassionate and professional practice like MMGYN.

From the moment of my diagnosis, Dr. Spieldoch and her staff treated each of my questions and concerns with respect and consideration. They answered everything in a knowledgeable and timely manner. The staff walked me through the insurance process and prepared me for my hospital visit. I knew what to expect every step of the way. There were absolutely no surprises. One of the best testaments of Dr. Spieldoch’s proficiency as a surgeon…I am almost 4 months post surgery and am happy to share pictures with you of those scars I was worried about.

My highest recommendations of Dr. Spieldoch and McDowell Mountain Gynecology!



Dr. Spieldoch surgically removed polyps and performed a D&C on me. After the surgery I had no pain and very little bleeding. I actually had to confirm with my son who is a doctor, that a surgery had occurred because she did such an awesome job!



Dr. Spieldoch is trustworthy, personable, skilled and experienced. She has a excellent track record. She gives her patients TLC which was valuable to me as I had never had a pregnancy or any surgery. God has gifted her and she uses her gifts to help women. Dr. Spieldoch was positive as she talked with my husband and me. She didn’t push us to make the decision to go ahead with the D & C and then the hysterectomy. She was positive as she mentioned that I’m a healthy 75 year old woman and that I would recover well and could return to work in a timely fashion. I definitely recommend to women that Dr. Spieldoch would meet their gynecological needs.

Being able to email Savannah with my concerns and questions after and before surgery was really helpful to me. Savannah consistently was prompt in replying. She always showed she authentically wanted to help. She does excellent work as she answers questions and gives instructions. She answers emails and calls quickly. She listens very well and knows just the thing to say and in such a way that the patient is encouraged and supported. Savannah shows patience. She is a compassionate person and knowledgeable.

Liz has always been the nurse who talked with me before seeing Dr. Spieldoch. Liz always listens well, explains things, speaks not too fast and cares about patients.

After the D & C, I went home that afternoon. Dr. Spieldoch was wise as she said “Let’s let Sharon decide if she thinks it would be good to stay overnight at the hospital”.

Sometimes female physicians I have had in the pat seem to not be warm and personable. Dr. Spieldoch is, on the contrary, easy to talk with. She understands the relationship between emotions and the physical reactions. I had anxiety and this showed physically. Dr. Spieldoch did not shame me for being anxious. I felt accepted for the way I am.

I believe that Samantha is a very good person to be at your front area. She shows respect and has a beautiful smile and disposition.

Thank you, Dr. Spieldoch for taking good care of me.



I have been coming to this office for years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! Dr. Spieldoch and her staff are caring and professional. It’s a full service practice that makes care very convenient. I recommend it to all my friends!

Sherry G


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