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Our Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Chilly winter breezes may feel refreshing, but they aren’t all that good for your skin.

Winds and low temperatures can interfere with your skin’s protective moisture barrier, leading to dry skin, itchiness, and an overall loss of shine and glow. 

To help you out, we asked our experts at McDowell Mountain Gynecology about how to keep your skin moisturized and glowy throughout the year. 

Eliminate potential triggers for dry skin

Caffeine and alcohol are notorious for their ability to deplete the body of sodium and water by impacting kidney function. Although a few cups of coffee or a few glasses of wine won’t leave you dehydrated, it will affect your skin, especially if you drink these beverages regularly. 

Dehydrated skin can sometimes masquerade as an oily complexion. When your skin experiences water loss, your sebum glands work overtime to compensate for it, often causing clogged pores and acne. 

Other natural diuretics include green tea and black tea, parsley, hibiscus, and black cumin. 

Drink hyaluronic acid 

We’re not talking about the bottled type at the store, which contains additives and preservatives to increase shelf life. You can make your own hyaluronic acid-rich drink at home: bone broth. 

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule found primarily in connective tissues, but it can also be found in the bones. Its role is to keep your skin hydrated, as it's abundant in the epidermis and dermis. 

Leafy greens and root vegetables also contain traces of hyaluronic acid, but the hyaluronic acid found in these foods is harder to absorb. 

Use gentle soaps and cleansers 

Producers of soaps and cleansers often extract the glycerin (a byproduct of the soap making process) from their products to save money by adding it to other skin care products such as lotions and creams. 

Once the glycerin is removed, the cleanser and the soap becomes harsh to the skin and may cause dryness, which may encourage you to buy an additional product such as a lotion or a cream.

When choosing soaps and cleansers, look at the ingredient list. High-quality soaps have a fat base (animal fat or oils) and lye, which is inactivated during the soap-making process. If you choose an all-natural soap, the glycerin will be present, leaving your skin moisturized after use. 

Castile soaps, made with olive oil, are often recommended to men and women with dry skin. These soaps don’t lather as much as your average soap, but they do keep your skin clean and your moisture barrier intact.

Invest in an air humidifier 

In Arizona, the humidity is low throughout the year, but it gets even lower during the colder months. 

An air humidifier can help your skin get all the moisture it needs from the surrounding environment. Plus, a humidifier also helps ease some of the symptoms caused by the common cold, such as a dry throat, dry nose, and dry lips.

Fight skin imperfections with us in Scottsdale, Arizona 

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your skin, our experts are happy to answer all of your skin-related questions. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We can provide expert advice and treatment recommendations for your skin concerns.

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